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Wellness Process Flow PDF Print

Wellness Outreach Program Policy: Effective 10-1-2010

1. Informed Consent: All participants need to have this signed before participating in your Outreach Programs.


2. Physiologic Assessments

Outreach Physiologic Assessment: This is the minimum standard.  It also has the Self-Report Questionnaire that goes on the backside (baseline thru 12 mo.)

Year 3 Outreach Physiologic Assessment:  This is the minimum standard.  It has the Self-Report Questionnaire that goes ont backside (15 mo. thru 24 mo.)

Modified Outreach Physiologic Assessment: This adds a balance progression as well as a chair stand progression to give more information for the less advanced participants.

How to Conduct the Outreach Physiologic Assessment Video:  Click here to go to the video.  There is an advertisement prior, so be patient.


 3. m-CTSIB

Outreach BioSway/Balance Trainer SD Policy: Effective 10-1-10

How to Conduct the m-CTSIB Video


4. Fall Risk Assessment

My Falls-Free Plan


5. Materials to Offer Participants

My Falls Diary

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