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Physiologic Assessment

SNF Physiologic Assessment   -- If you have the ability to track distance for the endurance section instead of revolutions/2 minutes, feel free to adjust the document accordingly.

How to Conduct the SNF Physiologic Assessment Video : Click here to view the video.  There will be an advertisement prior, so be patient.


Helpful Documents

Medical Clearance Form -- If you choose to use this, the highlighted portions on the document are the areas that need updating to fit your facility.

New Exercise Prescription Example  -- It is suggested that you call it something other than a prescription from now on (i.e. recommendations, regimen, etc.)

NEW 4-2012 Restorative Nursing: Coding on the MDS


All About the Bio Sway and the Balance Trainer SD

(Use within SNF is strictly optional as of September 2010)

1. Balance Assessments: Set up, Conduct & Results Video (30min)

2. Codes and Reimbursementsfor Therapy Use

3. Bio Sway Set up & Shutdown Video (6min)

4. 1on1 Training Applications w/ the BioSway & SD Video (7min)

5. Helpful Balance Assessment Organizational Tool


Exercise Technician Training

Here is where you will find the minimum information for training new individuals who are going to be a part of your wellness activities.  All new people must have at least a general knowledge of physical aspects as well as your programming systems.

1. Basic Physiologic Review for ET Training: Part 1-- This is a voice-over power point.

2. Wellness Programming Systems for ET Training: Part 2 -- This is a power point that you are able to download and convert to fit your facility.  It provides a basic layout, so you do not have to re-create everything!

3. ET Handout -- This is the employee's study guide and place for notes when listening to Part 1

4. ET Quiz -- A quick quiz to test their listening skills as well as testing their knowledge on major muscle groups

5. Certificate of Completion -- Place this document in the employee's personnel file for proof of training.

6. ET Policy

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