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 Talahi's Fall Prevention Tools

Education Packet Pathway- Falls Assessment Algorithm Fall Risk Assessment
Environmental Checklist Pathway- Post Fall Algorithm w/ Questions  Tips to Prevent Falls
 Brochure Pathway- Change in Condition  News Write-Up
 Efforts to Create Buy-In
Pathway - Near Miss Fall  Success Stories

Dassel's Fall Prevention Tools

Education Pathway- Fall Risk Assessment Footwear Evaluation
Environmental Checklists Pathway- Investigation Fall Assessment
One Hour Checks Documentation Orthostatic Hypotension BP Check Fall Report
Request for Therapy Screen Fall Prevention Policy Recipe for Falls

Long Prairie's Fall Prevention Tools

Education Pathway Fall Report
Fall Risk Assessment Falls Initiative Brochure Post Fall Assessment
Environmental Rounds  Revised Environmental Rounds


Knute Nelson's Fall Prevention Tools

Fall Prevention Reminders Pathway Fall Report
Environmental Checklist Fall Risk Assessment  

Fair Oak's Fall Prevention Tools

Fall Report IDT Follow-Up Post Fall Analysis
Fall Risk Assessment  Staff Education


Pioneer's Fall Prevention Tools

Possible Fall Implementations Pathway Environmental Rounds
Shoe Checklist Room Safety Checks  


Glenwood's Fall Prevention Tools

Environmental Rounds Pathway Ambulation Focus
Policy: Identification of Fall Risk Fall Checklist Fall Report
Fall Risk Assessment    

Annandale's Fall Prevention Tools

Family Council Education Falls Information Fall Risk Assessment
Fall Report (1)
Post Fall Assessment Environmental Rounds
Fall Report (2)    

Assumption's Fall Prevention Tools

Education Pathway Fall Report
Room Checks Environmental/Safety Audit Staff Survey
Fall Risk  Updated Environmental Checks


Traverse's Fall Prevention Tools

Investigation & Reporting IDT Responsibilities Fall Risk
Post Fall Analysis Environmental Rounds Therapy Communication
Managing Falls Policy
Admission Record  

Minnewaska's Fall Prevention Tools

Fall Risk Assessment Pathway                                               

Galeon's Fall Prevention Tools


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